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It was almost a year ago when Willie Mack found himself standing face to face with Shaun Ricker in the middle of the ring at the first ever Red Carpet Rumble. The first two men to enter the Red Carpet Rumble found themselves as the final two men in the match. Ricker would ultimately stand victorious as the Red Carpet Rumble winner and new Hollywood Heritage Champion. Mack walked back to the locker room in defeat but knew he was going to bounce back. A year later it was Mack standing victorious as the winner of the 2014 Red Carpet Rumble and new number one contender to the Hollywood Heritage Championship. Not only was it a memorable night for Mack but it was a memorable night for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and its fans who packed the Oceanview Pavilion.

The event was advertised for several weeks and it lived up to all of the hype. Some of the biggest names in wrestling appeared and put on outstanding matches. Of course it would not have been a CWFH event without some interference from the Vermin. Despite attempts from the Vermin to sabotage the show, the Red Carpet Rumble would go down as a potential Show of the Year candidate.

Terex vs. Eli Everfly, Rudy, & Omar Asif in a Handicap Match

The man known as Terex handled business in the opening match of the Red Carpet Rumble. The team of Everfly, Rudy, and Asif were out powered by Terex as it did not take long for the match to end. Terex manhandled all three opponents and ended the contest with a Samoan Drop on Everyfly. Terex was still hungry for more after the match as he showed off his athleticism and power on the defeated opponents.

“The Snake” is Unleashed

Fans at the Oceanview Pavilion were treated by the appearance of Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts. As Roberts was telling the fans in attendance how grateful he was to be at the event he was rudely interrupted by The Grappler and his protégé Sgt. Major. The Grappler dared to claim that he was the inventor of the DDT maneuver, not Roberts. The Grappler went to make a challenge that if Sgt. Major could eliminate Roberts from the Red Carpet Rumble that The Grappler could have the title of creator of the DDT. Roberts, a man known to never back down from a challenge, gladly accepted.

MAV-TV’s Own: Joey Ryan!

The MAV-TV Championship went back around the waist of Joey Ryan when he regained the title from Ryan Taylor in a hard fought battle. Taylor had defeated Ryan for the championship at a TV taping last month but could not capture the magic again despite having help from the Vermin. In typical Vermin fashion the members of the group attempted to interfere only to have “Pretty” Peter Avalon make the save for Ryan. With Avalon keeping the Vermin occupied outside the ring, Ryan was able to surprise Taylor with a rollup and securing the victory and the MAV-TV Championship.

RockNES Monsters steal victory from “Pretty Boom Boom”

The Red Carpet Rumble saw the return of former two time World Champion Colt Cabana as he teamed with former Heritage Tag Team Champion “Pretty” Peter Avalon. The team of Cabana and Avalon were close to becoming Heritage Tag Team Champions, but the members of the Vermin were able to cause a distraction leading to the RockNES Monsters to steal the victory. At one point Cabana had Yuma near submission in the Billy Goat’s Curse but was hit over the head with a tag team title belt by Johnny Goodtime while the referee was distracted by the other members of Vermin. A strong outing by Cabana and Avalon but they could not match the numbers of the Vermin.

Hardy wins! …. Mandel still champion?

Matt Hardy was successful in his Championship Wrestling from Hollywood debut against the Hollywood Heritage Champion, but it was Ricky Mandel who left the match the champion. Hardy showed up to the Oceanview Pavilion in fabulous shape and showed why he was qualified to be the number one contender for the championship. Mandel, however, showed why he is the Heritage Champion by displaying his arsenal of moves that got him to the top. Hardy used his experience in the ring to regain the upper hand and was moments away from applying the Twist of Fate for a potential victory. The sneaky Mandel scratched the eyes of Hardy and pushed the referee causing the official to call for the bell and the disqualification. Hardy made sure the fans went home happy by hitting the Twist of Fate on Mandel thanks to the Hobo throwing Mandel back in the ring.

Styles of Beyond

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood presented a special attraction match that featured three outstanding performers in one ring. Current IWGP Heavyweight Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles defeated Trent Baretta with Nigel McGuinness as the special referee in what was considered by many as the Match of the Night. Styles showed off his skills that many used to see every Thursday night and gave the fans their money’s worth. Baretta came into the match as the underdog but came out of the match more respected than before. Baretta was able to hang with the IWGP Heavyweight Champion and at times had the crowd thinking there could be an upset. In the end it was Styles who hit the familiar Styles Clash on Baretta to secure the victory. Hopefully this is not the last time Styles and Baretta stop by Port Hueneme.

Red Carpet Mack!

30 men entered the Red Carpet Rumble but only one man survived. Willie Mack not only became victorious of the Red Carpet Rumble but was also the Iron Man of the match by lasting longer than the other 29 men. The match saw the top stars from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood including Othello, Mikey O’Shea, Ethan HD, Big Duke, The Hobo, Matt Striker, and the returning X-Pac. Othello was the most impressive competitor by eliminating the most wrestlers from the match. The Vermin tried to make their presence felt in the match but were finally over matched by the rest of the CWFH roster. The match came down to the final four men of Striker, Ethan HD, Mack, and X-Pac. Mack and Striker handled their own as they were the final two men who then had to face off in a traditional one on one match up. Striker had the advantage of drawing number 30 in the match but it was Mack who applied the Anaconda Vice forcing Striker to tap out. The crowd stood on their feet as Mack was crowned the winner of the match.

Mack now becomes not only the number one contender to the Hollywood Heritage Championship, but also earns a guaranteed spot in the tournament to crown the first ever United Wrestling Network World Championship. It was a night to remember for everyone in attendance. Most of all, we saw the return of the Mack.


One of the guys favorite wrestlers of all time was there, Jake “The Snake” Roberts